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"Vision" Video: youtu.be/GwQ1zv0gqlQ


released February 28, 2017

All songs written, performed, and produced by Kit Baker (1-7) and Chesley Wayne (4-10)

Engineered by Kit Baker at Rouge Room

Artwork by Mom (2017). "Origins" [Painting].

Heartbeat on "Synthesis" by Baby Raspberry (Blessed)



all rights reserved


Gothic Architecture St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: Vision
Thinking I'm falling, falling out of touch.
Sometimes we all think, all think too much.
I thought I had lost you, but now I see your face.
I'm seeing it all, all from a new place.


Out for a walk, a walk around.
Around the block, can't hear a sound.
Daydreaming about, about a world, a world with no sky.
Looking up, no clouds passed me by.


Floating in an ocean, an ocean as cold as ice.
Light shimmers on the surface, and the surface turns into gneiss.
And the waves crash, crash like they always do.

Track Name: Now It's Dark
Thoughts above the mind of age.
New with promise, thundering rage.
Observing glass through thin intruding trees.
May their sticks be swallowed and night to be seen.
We are programmed for sensory.
Near futures; progressing.
Dark eyes will see.

Short term memory; fading confusion.
Arranging; there's no where else to turn.
Granite beneath our feet, walk with us.
And the sounds talk with us.
How will we escape these permanent structures?
Is there a way, one way or the other?
They will still be flawed, only now in another.

Dress me in ivory in a similar way.
What desires move space; yet another mistake.
With the moving hand gone, a veiled moon appears.
A swelling landscape falling into grey.
I can't promise you anything.
Is there a way, one way or the other?
It's all flawed, only now darker.
Track Name: The Gypsy
People listen and understand.
I's da b'ys and you're the men.
I was lost and what was I offered;
A place in the fields for horses and cattle.

I went fishing and what did I find?
I found man was very unkind.
I was lost and what was I offered;
A hole in the ground for the heads of your slaughtered.

Now that I've spoke to you man to man.
I will fight for what I am.
And here in the fields I'll live forever.
Let's leave judgement to the father.
Track Name: The Slave
In search for what I am,
To find a place to stand,
Is what in life I yearn,
And what I have to earn.

Each moment I have spent,
Is one I have not left.
To me the world is closed,
Old age is where I go.

And as I pass my time,
To death's my only climb.
To live is to die and then,
I'll see what death has planned.
Track Name: A Siesta
Sat alone in thought under a tree.
The shade cooled a whisper, spoken to me.
I breathe in music, my souls symphony.
Rhythms that change infinitely.